Trip to Lofoten, Reine, Norway

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A friend and I decided we had to take a trip to Lofoten. I wanted to photograph the spectacular nature over there and my friend had no problems driving his car on our trip. We asked our significant others for a weekend off from them and our kids. They approved and off we went!

We drived from Trondheim up to Bodø. Then ferry over to Moskenes. We spent the night in Svolvær. The next day we drove down to Å. Then up north to Narvik while photographing during the trip. When we arrived in Narvik we stayed the night in a hotel and drove back to Trondheim the following day. Over 2000 km driving in one weekend is enough. But it was fun!

My only regret is that we didnt get to Henningsvær. I would love to take some photos over there. Oh well, maybe next time.

Most of the places we visited was accessible by car. We did some light hiking for a few hours around Å just to check it out but not anything physically intense.

If you are interested in the nature I would recommend getting a car so you can drive around and explore yourself.

The car performed flawlessly!
Trying to capture the huge mountains on pictures is not easy.
Taking a break, it was strong winds
This is on the way to Bodø.
This is on the way to Bodø.
sunset in Reine, Lofoten
Reine, Lofoten
The designated driver
A long way down…
A light hike around Å, Lofoten
A light hike around Å, Lofoten
A light hike around Å, Lofoten

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Pictures from our trip to Lofoten
Pictures from our trip to Lofoten

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About 10 – 15 minutes from Narvik

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Thats all folks! Hope you enjoyed these images.

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  1. Eli Tungen Jonsson
    | Reply

    Very nice pictures. Fantastic nature!

  2. Siv Svanem
    | Reply

    Nydelig. Jeg elsker Lofoten og bildene dine yter det rettferdighet.

  3. bjokib
    | Reply

    Takk 🙂

  4. Anne-Lise Stene
    | Reply

    Så fine bilder tok ikke din svigermor og jeg da vi var i Lofoten for noen år siden 😉

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